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Meet Dr. Monica Hardy

Speaker. Teacher. Preacher. Writer.


Dr. Monica Hardy is a native of Jacksonville, Florida and the proud mother of her two sons, Timothy Harris Jr. and Jairus Johnson. Dr. Hardy is a versatile, multi-credentialed professional with 30+ years of combined experience in Health Information Management, Human Resource Development and Adult Education. After the passing of her mother, she became a full-time entrepreneur.

Dr. Hardy serves as a professional writer, consultant and developmental specialist. She is also a professional book consultant, editor, book doctor and publisher. She is the author of five books and has co-authored three.

With the recent loss of her father and the unexpected loss of her brother, she is publishing a book for caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients and a book on the effects of loss and trauma.

Dr. Hardy is the CEO of E’fek-tiv Enterprises, LLC, The Provost of the Kingdom Scholastic Center of Excellence, Inc., and the founder and president of Monica Hardy Ministries International, Inc., which includes the ALL Encompassing Woman Mentorship Program and the K.I.S.S. Social Media Broadcast.

Dr. Hardy is a Woman of God that embraces her calling by ministering locally, statewide, and internationally as a teacher, speaker, and preacher. She served as a senior pastor for ten years and is now a full-time itinerant minister, ordained elder and five-fold leader under the covering of Apostle Alva & Pastor Ida Harris.

Dr. Hardy has an authentic, empowering speaking style where she gives strategies and systematic methods so all who hear can reach their greatest potential. She is looking God-ward to go forward; her personal brand is built around the concept of the eFactor where she Educates, Equips, Empowers & Evangelizes with Excellence!


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