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In 2016, Dr. Hardy received a prophecy that God was calling her to be a Kingdom legislator. She would be provided a supernatural toolbox so He could use her as an “antivirus” to remove issues infecting and affecting his people.


In 2017, Dr. Monica Hardy was ordained by Cindy Trimm Ministries International, Inc. and became a part of ELITE: A Global Alliance of Christian Leaders. At the end of that same year, the Lord spoke to Dr. Hardy to close the doors of her family church Love, Peace & Joy Ministries (LPJ) and officially launched Monica Hardy Ministries International (MHMI). After pastoring for ten years, three trips to Africa and years of ministerial training, God saw fit to send her out as an itinerant minister. MHMI is a ministry of education, application, and reconciliation. Dr. Hardy has a unique ministry style and a sound that will resonate with all people. It is in her DNA to be meticulous, methodical and function in the spirit of excellence to educate, equip, empower, and evangelize.


In October 2018, Dr. Hardy was led by God to submit to the covering and leadership of her bishop, Apostle Alva Harris, and Pastor Ida Harris. She joined Deliverance Temple Global Ministries (DTGM) and became a member of Global Ministries International (GMI) as a five-fold leader.


In March 2020, she was ordained as an elder


All Encompassing Woman is a  4-month mentorship program designed to develop the next level woman by building inner capacity to increase outer goals with the end result being transition, transaction and transformation.

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KISS is a 30-minute inspirational social media broadcast streamed on Wednesdays at noon EST. Check out some highlights here and join us for the next session.

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